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Rising 8th-9th Setter Training

$50 per classFrom $42 per visit with 6 Month Pass passA credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service. Show full pricing
Single-visit price $50
NEWCOMER PLAN (3 sessions) $125 • 3 visits • This is a plan for all people new to Blockout Academy. This gives the coach and players chance to get to know one another and get conformable with each other. This also helps with more accurate assessment of the player and their athletic potential. After initial 3 sessions, athlete is eligible to sign up for drop-in clinics and pay per session. This plan can be used for any clinics that are the age/skill level appropriate. Not to be used for Camps. The plan must be used within 4 weeks of purchase. No refunds unless medically justified.
Monthly Training pass $350 • 8 visits
8 Group Session Package $350 • 1 visit •
  • You have to use the 8 session package within 4 weeks of sign-up date. Example: ( If Brittany buys the 8 Group Session package on May 14, 2018. She has until June 14, 2018 to use her 8 sessions ).
  • If you do not cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking, you lose a session.
  • No make ups classes given.
  • No refund to athletes that decide to drop out of the package.
  • If there is a medical drop out we will need to see a medical excuse from the doctor. Refund will be pro-rated.

  • 3 Month Pass $1,000 • 24 visits • Train twice a week for 3 months.
    6 Month Pass $2,000 • 48 visits • This 6 Month Pass gives you 48 visits for 6 months. There are 42 paid and 6 free visits. You can only use 8 visits per month. There will be no refund or makeup classes. The only exception will be a medical excuse by your doctor if she is unable to participate.

    Year Pass $4,000 • 1 visit • 1 practice per day of skill training. This pass is not for camps and not for parties.
    This is an intro class to the setting position. We cover basic setting IQ that is expected in Middle School,intro to setting footwork, intro to quick sets, intro to jump sets, front row and back row setter attacks. This is a great fit for any MS volleyball athlete not just setters as their positions at this age are not set and change often.